Construction Services

Quality, service, and commitment are the pillars that we use to hold up all our projects. We achieve this by providing superior service, commitment to technical excellence and by completing construction on time with high-quality products.

We strive to be the best in our field by focusing on competency, responsiveness, budget, and schedule.

Our pledge is complete client satisfaction and a constructive contribution to our community through our work and accomplishments.

Harnessing client‐focus together with service‐oriented General Engineering and General Building allows us to provide a wide variety of services.

Construction Work

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Camp design, grading, leveling, site preparation, soil analysis, road surveying and design of
access roads, grounds maintenance and construction material maintenance.

Prefabricated buildings, temporary shelters, tent cities, concrete and brick buildings, rehabilitation of existing structures, warehouses and cold storage facilities, security installations, perimeter walls and security lighting.

Water Infrastructure:
Drainage, water wells, irrigation channels, design of drip irrigation systems, septic systems, water filtration systems, water treatment plants, electrical systems, water distribution systems and plumbing.

Waste Management:
Installation of sewage plants, medical waste incineration, grey and black water removal.

Power Generation:
The maintenance of all generators from 7KW to 450 KW. Tailor made inspection and maintenance schedules to suit the clients need for optimum use of equipment. Qualified engineers, mechanics, and electricians, repairs at site, genuine spare parts, back-up generators, and emergency systems.

General Maintenance:
Tailor made inspection and maintenance schedules to suit the client’s needs. The everyday caretaker responsibilities that will take care of general repairs of building, offices, camp surrounding. Our focus in this department is on detail as we believe to repair on time and immediately at most time saves a lot on costs of future repairs